(Stephen Hando) spends the entire show as the titular character, a hilarious, emotionally erratic blackjack dealer from Tallahassee. Last month, from the moment Keefee arrived on stage dancing excitedly in Daisy Dukes to muffled music from an uncooperative PA system, I could tell I was in for something special.
— Travis Vogt, CityArts
By the time Keefee had dealt two or three hands, I felt like I was 17 and hanging out in my best friend’s den...This is brilliant theater.
— Patrick Hogan - Facebook fan


Click photo for link to - “The Man Who Would Be Keefee” - City Arts Magazine Oct 2017 interview with Travis Vogt


Check out these short video clips from the show

Clip taken from 09/2018 performance

From 01/2019 House of Cards. Singing "Boyfriend" by Tyler Cassidy.

clip taken from 05/2010 performance