an improvisational blackjack experience

An improvisational blackjack theater experience

Every First Thursday

@The Rendezvous

2322 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Imagine that the Late Late Show (w/Craig Ferguson) and Pee Wee's Playhouse got drunk together one night and played blackjack....then kept on drinking and ended up making a baby together. 

Keefee's House of Cards would be that baby.

Keefee Nicks embodies the joyous and melancholy beauty of the human condition and the evening was full of crass and sublime moments. This is the type of thing the world needs more of and I recommend that you all seek out this wonderful thing that happens every 1st thursday of the month in the basement of the Rendezvous.
— Emmet Montgomery
“So here’s the Momma’s got cancer, I’m stuck back in a condo in New Smyrna Beach with fuck all to do. I’m bored, I’m horny, I’m broke and I’m ready to talk this shit out! So fuck it..I’m opening an underground blackjack table. No pit boss. No overhead cameras. Just you, me, some alcohol and a Shuffleator. Let’s play this! Ya gotta laugh kids cause if ya don’t…well..then life just sucks a dick.”
— Keefee talking about the show in 2017

Next show - April 4th @ 8pm

I’m goin to England!

If you’re gonna be in Leicester on May 20th, come over the Exchange around 7:30 and say howdy. It’s pwyc so why the fuck not, right?